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Revolutionising travel for the blockchain generation

Tripedia is the crypto alternative to:

Our unique product is designed to

Lower the cost
Make your journeys go further by lowering the cost of travel
Make informed choices
Give you the information to make informed travel choices
Provide tailored advice
Use advanced AI to provide tailored travel advice

Our unique product is designed to

This is the moment where travelers can take back control of their experiences.

High costs and hidden fees
Large, centralised travel companies charge high commission rates and this is made worse with cross-border payment charges. Also the companies that are promoted and the price you pay can be affected by factors such as how much that company has paid and your browsing history. This is not fair.
Inauthentic reviews and ratings
Online reviews and ratings don’t always give you the whole story! Some of the large travel companies pay for inauthentic reviews and don’t always check supplier credit verification. This puts you at risk of a sub-standard experience.
Poor data management
Large travel companies have a poor track record when it comes to protecting your personal data and fraudulent activity has already exposed travellers’ personal information. The companies also rely on centralised systems for data storage, which can make it harder for companies to access this information and create tailored experiences for you.

We have the solution

A decentralized, blockchain-based travel ecosystem that will provide you with:

eye-iconTransparency and equality

The Tripedia ecosystem will allow direct interaction between consumers and the travel companies on the ground. This cuts out the ‘middle man’ – the large travel companies – ensuring clearer information and fairer costs.

ticket-iconA bespoke travel experience

Based on the travel information you share with us, Tripedia’s advanced AI system will help to give you more personalized travel experiences.

wallet-sm-iconSaving you money

Tripedia ecosystem users won’t be charged high commissions rates and other hidden fees; only a small transaction cost for system maintenance will be applied. This keeps your costs low and lets you spend more on your trip of a lifetime.


Token sale
Swap (ERC - BSC)
Staking rewards
Ecosystem development

Tripedia Roadmap:

2021 Q4
  • Creation of the new $TRIP Contract (Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a max supply of 5 billion $TRIP)
  • Full audit & KYC to ensure security & transparency
  • Migration from ERC20 to BSC
    • Halt ERC20 Deposit/withdrawal
    • Pause trading pairs on Probit
    • Launch community swap from ERC-BSchain
    • Open BSC deposit and withdrawal
    • Re-launch trading pairs
  • Launch initial marketing campaign
  • Launch private sale
  • Launch Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)
  • Add Decentralised Exchange (DEX) Liquidit
  • Secure Coin Market Cap (CMC) & Coin Gecko (CG) listing
  • Update website
  • Further investment in marketing
  • Refine Tripedia ecosystem data collection methodology
  • Centralised Exchange (CEX) listing
  • Full community progress update on Tripedia ecosystem development
2022 Q1
2022 Q2
  • Announce NFT vault details
  • Launch hotel booking interface testnet
  • Launch airline booking interface testnet
  • Launch Tripedia Decentralised App (Dapp)/Ecosystem testnet
  • AITD Testnet
  • Extended roadmap to follow later
2022 Q3

Tripedia News

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29 November 2021
Tripedia Review – Reshaping the Travel Industry through Blockchain and AI
Tripedia aims to leverage blockchain technology to modernize and reduce the centralization of the tourism industry.
Blockchain is consistently proving its use and benefits in increasingly more industries. And, rightfully so, many sectors could prosper should they implement this technology.
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29 November 2021
Tripedia Revolutionizes the Travel Ecosystem With an Artificial Intelligence Travel Designer
The Tripedia Foundation initiative has developed a new concept to serve the travel industry dubbed the Artificial Intelligence Travel Designer. According to the developers of Tripedia, it can solve the tourism market issues brought about by the centralized Online Travel Agencies.
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29 November 2021
Tripedia Looks Towards Changing the Norm in the Travel Industry
Developed by Tripedia Foundation, Tripedia provides decentralized services for the tourism industry at large. The initiative aims to break the dominant OTAs’ monopoly by allowing equal participation in information and resource trading.
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Got a question or proposal?